Education for Emerging Entrepreneurs

with Mark Finkel

"The way one grows in life, the way one gets more self confident, is to try something that you don't think you can do, to try something difficult."



Mark is a world-renowned mentor for emerging entrepreneurs with decades of experience as an Executive or Board member of many high-growth technology companies in the East Coast, Silicon Valley, and Israel. He was also the founder and Chairman of RightAnswers, which was sold to Upland Software, and served at the board level for JUMP Bikes, which was bought by Uber. He has taken four companies public as Chief Financial Officer and many other companies have had M&A exits.

Mark is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Executive MBA Program at Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University.

Mark has been involved in numerous social entrepreneurship ventures as well. As chairman of the Special Kids Fund, he has pioneered the concept of a charity gift card. He has also been involved in economic development work in conflict zones such as Afghanistan.

Mark is now sharing the depth of his experience with emerging entrepreneurs, ready to make the leap from a corporate career to entrepreneurial freedom.

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